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Posted by Harvest Dream on Thursday, July 15. 2010 in BioHazards, Corporate Power, Dark Arts, Scientific Advance, Technology

Weather modification and geoengineering is now being discussed openly by the press, though what is especially revealing about the story below is the dynamic involved, namely that the entire project is funded by a 'consortium' of insurance companies in order to fend off excessive property damage and thereby limit customer claims. This revelation opens a new field of scrutiny as regards the questions as to who is running the global chemtrail program, and for what purposes.

The CBC has a way of adding an element of scientific worship to all they do, therefore this story is told from the perspective of human progressive evolution as a scientific endeavour, but what are we to say when private business can send planes into the upper atmosphere and spray various chemical concoctions in an attempt to smooth out their bottom line? Is this just technological progress and the triumph of man over nature (again) through the use of benign science? Or is this a reckless attempt to thwart natural processes by means which fail to consider the cascade of side-effects that invariably result from such programs?

Is it justifiable to allow for-profit enterprise to spray whatever they wish into our skies in order to secure for themselves higher profit margins? And who is guarding the skies from this intrusion of corporate interests?

Source: CBC

The Monday storm that pounded Calgary with hail the size of golf balls would have been even more severe if cloud seeding planes hadn't been in the sky earlier in the day, says an official with the company that flies the aircraft.

Just before the hail hit the city, Weather Modification Inc. had two airplanes in the air, seeding the clouds with shots of silver iodide, which shrinks the ice stones, said Tom Walton, the company's field program manager.

"We were right in and around, east, west, north and south of Calgary," Walton said. "We were flying for approximately one hour prior to the development of the storm. Then, we stayed with it for the duration in and around Calgary."

The hailstorm dented countless vehicles and damaged homes and businesses, including the glass rooftop greenhouses at the University of Calgary.

The 15-year-old Weather Modification Inc. is paid by a consortium of insurance firms, which banded together as the Alberta Severe Weather Management Society in an effort to reduce the cost of claims associated with hail damage.

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