The Strange Disappearance of the Gulf 'Swan Doctor'

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Source: The Examiner - November 14, 2010

World-renown doctor who owned Lakeland Veterinary Hospital and conducted research on paralyzed swans and dead birds since onset of the Gulf of Mexico operation has disappeared, just before due to release his research. Citizen reporters trying to locate him continue to be stonewalled, even someone who has known him for years who says his sudden absence is out of character.

In an era in which kidnapping, torture and assassinations are officially authorized in the United States; the petrochemical-industrial-complex has silenced reporters from providing Gulf region information in best interest of the public; and scientists are paid for whitewashed research reports, when a prestigious research scientist suddenly disappears, naturally, red flags are hoisted.

USAF veteran who worked as an Intelligence Operations Specialist in the US and in Europe, Anita Stewart is now flying such a flag high for the swan doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Gardner.

"Swans were a big story when Testing the Water had a Sarasota sand sample at 173ppm on September 22nd," stated Stewart.

Gardner had been arrested three months earlier, in June, in the middle of his research. On July 9, with what appears as rough as a mug shot of the prominent veterinarian, the Lakeland Ledger reported that Gardner was charged with possession of a controlled substance including pain medication Torbutrol and Torbugesic liquid.

Was he targeted due to his research?

According to the Ledger, the investigation had begun "in May." The Drug Enforcement Agency, Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation and Lakeland Police Department were all involved in that investigation and later turned it over to Lakeland police "to pursue state charges."

Gardner's DEA license to prescribe controlled substances expired September 2009. At the time of the Ledger report, it was unclear why the investigation was really initiated.

"Gardner maintains the lapse in his DEA license was a clerical oversight and he has not renewed it since."

The Ledger reporter Gardner saying, "I think the state attorney is an idiot for pursuing this. Surely they have bigger fish to fry. It's completely a waste of taxpayers' money and completely unnecessary."

The case was resolved within a week. By September 23, Fox News reported on Gardner's work, as per Florida Oil Spill Law on September 24


"Even more mysterious," Stewart says is that her friend and colleague, Lauren Hallahan, of the Lauren Report, learned that the 49-year old esteemed swan expert, Dr. Gardner (who would be flown to England to work on the Queen's swans) "has mysteriously closed up shop, retired, does not respond to emails, and his office phone has been disconnected."

In a private email to Stewart on Nov 9, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Hallahan wrote:
"I want everyone to know...I have been keeping in contact with Dr. Gardner, the Swan Dr. in Lakeland, FL. He was testing the dead swans found in Sarasota. While everyone was waiting for the report... I kept calling.

In the first call, Hallahan was told, "The report will be faxed right up here when it's finished" and it would be shared it with Hallahan.

My next call, Hallahan was told that the report "is finished" and "It's on Dr. Gardner's desk."

Hallahan asked how long it would sit there before it is shared, or released.

"She said she is so busy, she did not know."

Hallahan again called two weeks before the election, but could only speak to the doctor's son. He assured her that his father would never "hide" anything, was very busy, and that he would release the report soon.

"He stated if it were 'life threatening,' it would of course be released immediately," stated Hallahan in the email.

"I said...alright...when should I call back? He said give it another week..."

Hallahan called again on November 9, only to find that the number had been disconnected.

"I called because I emailed him at and for the first time, I did not get a response. So I called another office number and reached a girl."

Here's what "the girl" told Hallahan as per her email: ""I'm sorry to inform you that Dr. Gardner has retired, and all files have been sent to other vets."

"I could not believe what I was hearing, and asked why such a prominent doctor, he treated the Queen's swans... would retire without any notice, or reporting? She said she did not know the answer.

"I asked her where the swan report was, and she could not tell me that either.

"I asked, 'Then why are calls routed to you?' She said she did not know.

Ronald Bell, a Lakeland veterinarian, said that Gardner retired from veterinary work on November 1 and is referring former clients to him at Highland Square, 2164 E. County Road 540A according to the Ledger.

"I am taking over their client base and we have their records in our facility so we can tell what the pets need whenever they come in."

Bell said that Gardner sent letters notifying customers about the change.

But where is the report?
"They have NO information at all. This is very very strange," emailed Hallahan.

The Swan Doctor's vet clinic offices were sold in two days, a great accomplishment in a real estate market as dead as the Gulf. Furthermore, the vet clinic is to be demolished and replaced according to Hallahan today.

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