The 'head fake'

Posted by Harvest Dream on Thursday, October 16. 2008 in Economy, Energy

A 'head fake', but for how long? I suggest not even a year.

Source : Jeff Vail

...will oil prices make a "head fake," and decline significantly for a few years as current high prices cause a global recession, only to prevent us from mitigating the near-term onset of production declines causing truly dramatic price increases 5-10 years down the road? Charles Hugh Smith seems to think so.

The "head fake" scenario proposed by Smith IS, however, possible if increased oil prices merely act as a catalyst to set off a larger economic chain reaction that, in turn, destroys far more demand than the catalyst alone can account for. This is similar to what happened with the recent credit crunch--mispricing of risk in one area cause an entire risk-pricing industry to suddenly clam up, over-correct, and over-price risk for a brief period. This same thing could happen if gas prices caused a general recession that led to people postponing capital investments and other economic activity until the recession had ended--a sort of chicken and egg problem. While I do think that gas prices alone can cause economic hardship, any recession caused by high gasoline prices seems to be only a problem of the global economy evolving to a new reality, not to an inability to maintain current levels of economic growth. If $500 Billion a year is going to the Middle East, and they are in turn spending it on luxury products, then the global economy must re-tool and re-orient to produce luxury goods for Middle Eastern sheiks rather than Fords for Ohio factory workers. That might be a painful transition, but it doesn't necessarily reflect either a decrease in economic activity OR a decrease in energy consumption, just a shift in where and how it takes place. It is important to differentiate a recession caused by the market's inability to quickly re-tool for a new economic environment due to high oil prices and the very different even of a recession due to an actual decrease in economic production due to a decline in oil production (and, possibly, also total energy available to the economy). This latter event--something that I think is still a few years away--could cause a very serious recession. The former--just high prices due to tight supply/demand issues--should only cause a re-focusing, which might be painful for some, and painful in general in the short-run, but may actually be beneficial in the long-run because it could allocate energy to higher value-added tasks than in the present. I'm not sure that the more minor recession caused by mere high oil prices would be enough to cause a "head fake" in prices, but I think it is a distinct possibility due to issues of market psychology.

One think does seem certain--if we accept the assumption that oil prices will rise over the long-term, then a steady rate of increase with minimal volatility will best facilitate adaptation to a lower-energy, costlier-energy world. The "head fake" that Smith writes about is potentially very dangerous because it could cast new doubts over the very notion of Peak Oil at exactly the time when the world must address the problem with great urgency. A "head fake" would breathe new life into the abiotic oil crowd, the "markets will always provide" crowd, the Super-Hummer crowd, etc. Because I think that there is a significant possibility of a "head fake" due to market psychology (or, possibly, due to a short-term increase in supplies if the megaproject and geopolitics stars all align over the next 24 months or so), I think that our outlook and investing in the energy sector needs to incorporate a fairly long-term time horizon. I don't think that $200 oil is a sure thing this year or next (though I think it's a strong possibility). But oil under $200/barrel in 2016 seems highly, highly unlikely absent a general economic collapse (and, in that even, we have equally big problems to deal with).
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