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The mythology surrounding vaccines is still pervasive, the majority of the population still believes, in faith like fashion, that vaccines are the first line of defense against disease. The true story is that nutrition and psychological/emotional health are the first line of defense against disease.

The arrows in the chart below indicate the release dates of the vaccines in question:

The above graphs, based on the official death numbers as recorded in the Official Year Books of the Commonwealth of Australia, are taken from Greg Beattie's excellent book "Vaccination: A Parent's Dilemma" and represent the decline in death rates from infectious disease in Australia. They clearly show that vaccines had nothing to do with the decline in death rates. (Note: Graphical evidence on the decline in death rates from infectious disease for USA, England, New Zealand and many other countries shows the exact same scenario as above).

Vaccines are a concoction of chemical adjuvants and preservatives coupled with virus fragments and have clearly been implicated in the astounding rise in neurological disorders around the world, yet the 'popular' media has embedded itself as a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical cartel and simply does not report in any responsible way the real situation. Recently the pharma cartels actions have become so over the top that even the FDA has felt obligated to save some face by issuing massive billion dollar fines against a host of drug companies. These companies that have engaged in massive medical fraud are the very same companies that introduced the 'antidepressent' Paxil to children, a drug which had been shown in industry studies to cause depression and suicidal tendencies. The pharmaceutical industries bread and butter income streams such as Ritalin have also been implicated in childhood depression and suicide, I know this first hand because my younger brother who was diagnosed with ADD due to his inability to pay attention in class (boredom) was prescribed Ritalin. Much to my chagrin my parents started him on the medication, and since I was not living in the house I was powerless to stop it. After about 3 weeks of taking the medication he had begun to get very angry and upset, unable to cope with even minor stresses, until one day he attempted to jump in front of a passing bus when my mother managed to grab him at the last minute. My parents stopped giving him the Ritalin as a result, at which point the family doctor recommended another similar drug which 'might work better'.

Anti-depressents that cause suicidal tendencies? Yes. This is the type of twisted logic at work in the medical establishment which is oriented towards profit and definitely not health, since masses of healthy people equate to lower sales. Take for example the fact that prescription drugs are the leading cause of addiction in the world; not cocaine, not heroin or crack but prescriptions make up the vast majority of drugs abused by addicts. It sounds eerily like a business plan, and its quite simple really - how do you guarantee a specific profit margin quarter in and quarter out? By developing a chemical dependency in your customer base.

I know of various people who suffered work related injuries and were prescribed the pain killer Oxycontin, which helped with their pain, though the relief came with a heavy price; the price was their ability to function in any normal way without becoming a complete slave to the drug itself. Once taking Oxycontin, for the purposes of alleviating pain, they would become deliberate, thinking about the drug incessantly, needing it at regular intervals in order not to get sick, not unlike a heroin addiction.

The number of Oxy abusers is now growing at a terrifying pace, entire towns are becoming overwhelmed with addicts, people who for the most part became so not because they sought a quick high, but because they were seeking pain relief from injuries. One would be dangerously naive to believe that the vast complex of drug companies, with their laboratories and studies, was not well aware of the addictive nature of their drugs before they released them into the hands of obliging doctors. Which begs the question - Have doctors become the new local dealers?

The companies engaged in this plan of chemical dependence and sickness do so because a revolving door of sickness and injury insures long term profits, yet this basic logic is lost on those who blindly follow the dictates of medical authorities who we have come to see as demi-gods (the result of generations of media propaganda); rather than being informed as to the facts, we trust in our medical professionals when time and time again they have proven that they have earned no trust whatsoever.

The vaccine story is a hoax of massive proportions, insidious even in that the vaccine is not even just harmless - as in 'it doesn't work' - not only does it not work, it causes injury to the central nervous system by way of additives such as Thimerosal, which contain the heavy metal mercury, a known neuro-toxin. The same industry promoting chemical dependence in it's customers, the same industry recommending drugs which cause suicidal tendencies, and the very same industry that bribes doctors is the same industry, yes the very same industry which produces your vaccine and flu shots. So be duly warned lest you be chemically downgraded to suffer from MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers or worse at the hands of the cartel.

But what about the children? They don't really have a say do they? And they are the most vulnerable, since their nervous system is still in the replication phase. The video below is a government advert aimed at children to make the shots fun, and reminds me of the creepy videos from Communist Russia and Nazi Germany which made things fun which really shouldn't have been...

Source: Counter Currents

Paxil was hailed as a wonder drug in the 1990's, sold as an alternative to Prozac for treating depression in adults. But Glaxo was not satisfied with the profits from treating adults and wanted to gain a stronghold on the lucrative pediatric market.

According to Ms Menzies, under FDA rules at the time, if the company conducted tests on Paxil with children, Glaxo could get a 6-month extension on its patent, which meant enormous profits. To that end, hundreds of children were recruited from around the world for several pediatric studies with the largest conducted in the US, known as Study 329.

During the program, Ms Jofre interviewed Stephanie Gatchell who described how she had taken her daughter, Sharise, to a doctor because Sharise had not started her periods yet and was worried, at which time she was prescribed Paxil.

Although Paxil was also only approved for adults in Britain, the same as in the US, doctors are allowed to prescribe a drug off-label for an unapproved use if they believe it will help a patient. According to Panorama, at the time that Sharise was prescribed Paxil, around 7,000 children a year were on the drug in Britain.

Shortly after Sharise began taking Paxil, her mother noticed a dramatic change. "She became more confident," Stephanie said, "but with it came aggression and worse."

One day she noticed cut marks on Sharise's arm and realized that she was self-harming, "something she'd never ever done before," her mother said.

Stephanie convinced Sharise to stop taking Paxil but unbeknownst to her parents, she began taking the drug again without telling them. Not knowing she was on Paxil, her parents went away for a weekend and when they returned home, they found Sharise hanging from a loft with a suicide note laying next to a packet of Paxil.


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